DOME μWebServer home page - hosted on a T4240ZMS μServer
The T4240ZMS is the heart of the award-winning DOME microDataCenter.
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The startup company is in stealth mode: will announce the name soon!
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Picture on left shows production board of T4240ZMS (with NXP T4240). Picture above shows pre-production hardware hosting this page. The red digits show 12Vdc current [A].

The DOME T4240ZMS based microserver was installed on 23 Jan 2017 to replace the T4240rdb that had previously hosted this spot. The average current drawn by the DOME implementation is a fraction of what the rdb used (<25% of RDB).

The above is a screenshot during a HPL (aka linpack) run. The 32way cluster delivers >1TF with general purpose CPUs at 1596W system power consumption (compute, storage, networking, power supplies). - Ronald's pagecounter 13523 page views since 23 Jan 2017.

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions on this web domain are Ronald's own. I am not associated with / have no stakes in Marvell, Red Hat or any other companies or organizations mentioned on this domain, except that I am an employee of IBM Research GmbH and am collaborating with a **not-yet-named** startup.

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